May 24th, 2009


Knives and Fire Internship Day 23

Day 23

Not the most exciting day on record. I walked in and looked at the prep list. And there were the dreaded words, "Fry Eggplant".

This time, I had plenty of ground panko, so I didn't have to do that. A dozen or so eggplants cut, breaded and fried took me most of the time, and I filled the end by making potato salad. Which - well, they came to take the food down to the café just as I'd finished cutting the potatoes. So, I had five minutes to do the rest. Which was plenty of time. What was cool was - after I got things mixed, I noticed that I hadn't put in enough oil. So I added more. At that point, Chef M tells me I should add more - and then he tasted it. And it was perfect. :)

The best thing, though? A decided she didn't want to listen to the rap station, so she put on a jazz one. And they were having a Benny Goodman retrospective, playing episodes of the "Camel Caravan", which featured "The Benny Goodman Trio." Which was fine all by itself, but what really made it? The sponsor was Camel cigarettes, so we got all these 1938 Camel cigarette ads. Which led to lots of jokes about the ads themselves (three non-smokers in a kitchen, finding these hilarious.) And A showed her youth. She wondered if there ever could have been a time people could smoke on airplanes (we were talking about smokers using nicotine gum and patches to get through flights.)

After Chef and I stopped laughing, we talked about riding in planes with "smoking sections", which were a joke given the way the air circulates.

Not quite a friend

She was one of the firse people I met when we first started attending Yavneh Minyan - a tiny, sharp-spoken, opinionated woman in incredibly high heels. She always wore high heels - probably because her husband is so immensely tall. I can't say we were close, but she was good to talk to. Collapse )