August 23rd, 2009

Mama Deb

More computers and medical stuff

It took several tries (because we don't have a doorbell), but we finally got the new monitor delivered. This is the one we ordered before I cracked the laptop screen - a 19" one to replace the 17" desktop one. So I'm still using that one attached to my laptop, but we're no longer sharing. I miss sitting in the bedroom with my laptop on my lap - instead, I'm in the dining room, and the table is a tad high. But we are no longer sharing a computer, and that makes a huge difference.

Tomorrow, I go for a colonoscopy. That means liquid diet today. I am mostly prepared - I have diet lemon popsicles and diet lemon kosher jello, and a can of "lower sodium" chicken broth, and Jonathan can get better stuff later. I can have coffee and water, too. In my mind, this is not a fast. Hello - I can drink. I can consume pretend food. I just can't have anything truly solid or dark. It's still not fun.

I'm getting it done in a hospital instead of a clinic because last time I had a large (benign) polyp. My doctor prefers to remove large ones in the hospital.

I know I'm fine and I was fine last time, too, but I'm only a couple years younger than my father was when he had his cancer. Which after surgery and chemo, he survived for 20 more years to die of complications following heart surgery plus his own stubbornness. Just about ten years ago. So whatever, I'll be fine. But, you know, I'm still a bit worried.