September 9th, 2009

Mama Deb

Department of being not bright

I. Am an idiot. Truly an idiot.

First, understand that I went to Rutgers University, a fact of which I am very proud. As I married someone who went to Princeton, I feel the need to assert it. (If any of you know Princeton, you'll understand why. The man just bought both a black and orange striped tie and an orange, black and white polo shirt. And I can't even balance it because I don't look good in scarlet.)

So, anyway. I give to the alumni association regularly. I also have an affinity credit card. And about two weeks ago, using my online banking service, I gave a large payment to, I THOUGHT, the credit card. This is a platinum card, which means missing a payment gives VERY high interest rates.

Nope. I gave it to the alumni association instead. So, I just gave a minimum payment to the credit card, which mostly paid interest (see above) and called the alumni association, who tell me they will credit my bank account. Because it's not an amount I feel comfortable giving to them - it's the equivalent of several YEARS worth of my normal donations - and, given that I'm out of work, not an amount I can afford to pay double. I am truly grateful and we will give them an extra amount this December. Just not THAT large.

I am an idiot, friends.