September 17th, 2009

Mama Deb

Water, water,dinner, stuff

When I came back with a load of unfolded laundry (folding tables were ALL in use), there was a long, thin box and a hot water heater next to the house, so I figured we were set. And, indeed, the kitchen faucet (probably left on by mistake when the water turned off) was running. Warm.
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Autumn Cup

Update II

Toilet is not fixed - we need to find our bag of tools. Or buy a wrench. Which is what I shall do. I also spoke to the therapist, who, as someone Jonathan has seen in the past and might see again, didn't feel could also treat me. She did say I needed to talk to someone, and gave me names and numbers.

Also called my doctor for a prescription renewal. I thought I had an appointment today, but it was for YESTERDAY. Not good.

And no phone calls to remind me, either.
Mama Deb

(no subject)

Okay. First psychologist I called on referral? I kept thinking her name sounded familiar, but, you know. Neither was uncommon.

Turns out I've known her for years, just under her *married* name. She goes to my old synagogue. So, NOT going to work out. But I am laughing. And she gave me another name.
Autumn Cup

Rosh HaShanah II

Right now, I'm caramelizing onions and I just finished baking gefilte fish loaves.

The onions will be part of a cheddar cheese quiche - I love that combination. I'm going to add a grating of nutmeg, too because all three things - cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and the custard of quiche - love nutmeg. I juliened them and put them over low heat with some oil and I've tosed and stirred them once in a while. They're getting brown, soft and sweet. I've already blind-baked the (storebought) crust.

The fish is something I've been doing for years - take a frozen gefilte fish loaf. Microwave it briefly so that the paper comes off (no microwave? Pour hot water over it.) Put in a loaf pan and pour tomato sauce on top. Bake. How long? Until done.

I really don't know. An hour? 90 minutes? Until the fish is firm to the touch and the sauce on top looks dry. You should be able to cook by time, but I cook by "ready" when I can. I do know that they felt and smelled "right" when I took them out, and that's all I need to know.

I'm going to turn the onions off soon, and let them cool. Actually, that shouldn't take long, so I'll make the egg and cream mixture and grate the cheese. Then I'll mix the cheese with the onions and put that in the pie crust and pour the quiche over it. I'll bake it until it's brown and starting to set.