October 5th, 2009

Mama Deb


Jonathan took today off because we don't have weekends anymore. Today feels like Sunday.

We...clashed a bit. I called a place for a job, but they want grill cooks.

In other news, we ate leftover turkey stew. I'd made the stew with a single chili pepper pod. Could barely detect it on Shabbat. Left it in the stew. Tonight, the stew was nicely spicy. DELICIOUS. Cilantro would have made it even better.

And my new fandom is having ship wars. The problem is, the wars are fans of a real life couple vs. fans of a fantasy pairing. I'm in the latter group in terms of what I write. However, I hope it doesn't happen in real life. In real life, we have one married couple and one couple who seem to be falling happily in love - it's adorable. If the fantasy pairing happens, two nice couples would be torn apart and two budding careers could be damaged. I don't want *that*.

So, I'm staying out of it.