October 15th, 2009



Some of you may remember that last summer, I VERY nearly had a job cooking in several group homes, but it didn't happen?

On Columbus Day, I got a phone call from the same org asking if I still wanted it.

I said, "yes."

It's not quite the same job, since it's only two homes and I won't need to travel - the apartments are right next to each other. It's fifteen hours a week, fifteen minute WALK from my house and the salary is just fine. I'll be working from 10-1PM five days a week, making dinner for the six boys and, really, for the staff who can eat what they want. One has a special diet but it's a special diet I live myself, so it's all very perfect.

DANCES! It's been since August 2008, and we're still amazed I'm getting unemployment. And *this* is why I was hoping to not get into that jury.