November 19th, 2009

Mama Deb


When I got into work this morning, I met the manager of the house I cooked for last week - the "audition". The boys LOVED my food, but he was dealing with a real crisis and cooks were low on the list.

I understood that. And when I was alone, I bounced. :)

Later on, I'd stayed late to make extra fish and chicken for the diabetic boy Mendy, and a bunch of staff came in for a meeting and we chatted a bit. And it turns out that Mendy had been fighting his food - not wanting to eat it.

He's not fighting his food anymore.

And another boy, Mischa, who has a bad appetite, asked for seconds last night. The seconds made him ill, because he doesn't eat, but still. Wow.

Honestly, people, I couldn't ask for higher praise.