January 3rd, 2010

Mama Deb


jonbaker and I spent yet another lovely weekend at the Inn at Shaker Mill, with its charming host and a crowd of people who are starting to become friends.

I made the cholent for the weekend and it seems I'm getting better at them. I also was assigned to set out Saturday morning breakfast AND to make a fruit salad for an afternoon snack.

I even squeezed in a knitting lesson, when a surly teenage girl, watching me knit a lace shawl, demanded that I knit her something. Instead, I offered to teach her - I had the yarn and needles all ready. And she agreed. And surly teenage girl became sweet, excited, happy young lady as she learned - very quickly - how to do a long-tail cast-on, how to knit and how to purl. Magic, huh?

I spent the weekend, otherwise, reading or knitting and chatting by the fire or in the dining room. It snowed a fair amount, and was very cold. That was fine.

And people even helped me dig out my car so I could move it for the snow plow, and it was all just lovely. But I'm happy to be home.