February 1st, 2010

Medical stuff

Byetta again

This probably won't work for everyone and you really, really have to like strong flavors, but I managed to actually eat something and I don't feel miserable at all (which I did all day at work. Because nothing is less charming than being a professional cook while feeling nauseated and out of things.)

This is after "lunch" - an egg roll and half a bowl of matzo ball soup. Meaning half the broth and 1/4 the giant matzo ball. Note that normally, lunch is TWO egg rolls and a complete bowl of soup. But the soup stopped looking like food.

I had to shop for dinner anyway, so while I was there, I picked up a piece of gingerroot. When I got home, I peeled it and cut a thin slice, which I ate.

I actually like the taste of raw ginger, okay?

I feel normal. Actually NORMAL.

I'm going to take some slices of ginger to work with me tomorrow.