March 14th, 2010

Mama Deb

Urban Organic

I don't cook enough vegetables. I simply do not. We didn't do a lot of vegetable cookery in my unfortunately too-short course and with my new meds and jonbaker on Weight Watchers (and doing well), I need to learn to do it.

But I'm not a very imaginative shopper. If you give me a vegetable, I can do things with it, but it needs to be on hand.

I'm thinking seriously of signing up for Urban Organics, which is a Brooklyn-based organic vegetable delivery service. Not quite a farmshare, but they have a nice variety of produce (both fruit and vegetables) and all things i can figure out how to cook or serve in interesting ways. They also offer other groceries.

Has anyone tried them? Is this a good idea? (Note, if I do this, it'll be AFTER Pesach.)