March 28th, 2010

Autumn Cup

Pesach 5770 and Blog update

I have a dozen shopping bags filled with a couple hundred dollars' worth of produce and disposable goods in my living room. In about 40 minutes, that will start to become soup and beef stew and gefilte fish and farfel kugel and hardcookded eggs, but right now - well, I had had to do two shopping runs because only so much fits in the shopping cart.

Six of our proposed guests are not going to be there tomorrow, but we got four others, and one of the six was a baby, so we're pretty much at the same point. So. Three total strangers, my brother, my mom, her husband, his son and HIS exwife, hms42 and us. Gefilte fish, chicken soup, turkey, farfel kugel, asparagus, dessert.

Second night (Fannish night) - gimmeahand, her husband and son, fringefan, otherdeb, our friend Mark, our friend Zev M, and our friend Todd, and us. Gefilte fish, beef stew, dessert. Sorry, guys. You get the easy meal.

First day lunch, David and Ruthie - leftovers unless I run out, in which case roast chicken and potato kugel. Either way, broccoli.

March 26, 2010