April 7th, 2010

Mama Deb

Last days of Pesach and a new blog post

My mother has pneumonia. She's home - she was never hospitalized for it - and she's feeling better already - but she has pneumonia. As a consequence, she was unable to come to us the last night of Pesach.

Anyone want veal stew? :)

We're going to see her on Sunday. Which is also her husband's birthday. So we'll bring our own food and watch everyone else enjoy each other's potluck. Price of keeping kosher.

We got the kitchen mostly back to normal by midnight last night (we stared about 11PM.) I still have foil everywhere, but my chometz stuff is out or available and my pesach stuff is back in the closet. Then we had dinner.

Veal stew.

With matzo farfel.

In the chometz dishes.

Noodles tonight!

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