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Pakua Diary 12/11/03

My first class as a green belt. Okay, still wearing the orange belt because otherwise my jacket won't stay closed, but officially a green belt. Which is why I'm wearing a green scrunchie in my hair. We have the belt ceremony on the 28th. It's going to be a mixed ceremony, so I'll be there in a skirt and hat.


Ins. Judith (she's grey belt; grey belts get the title Instructor.) led the 24; Penina, the new orange belt, led the kicks and Ins. Rikki did punches. Then we did one on one fighting, ending with "active warrior position." Active warrior position means that we are on our knees. Still with right leg back - still fighting position. It's good for punches and floor kicks (well, yeah. :)) and less good for circular kicks.

And then we did self-defense - two hand grab of the wrists.

No more white belts. Yellow belt is grab the wrists, pull the arms out, push them together backwards
"breaking them" and then striking upwards at the chin. Orange is break free with one hand, pull the other arm over and pull them down by a pressure point above the elbow.

Green. Yay! Kick, get into rider's position (legs apart, knees bent), grab the wrists, step around their leg with your opposite leg, wrap the corresponding arm around their waist, push them over your leg, and, as I found, let gravity and their own weight them to the mat, then finish. The fall is a side fall, so the attacker has to make sure she has her arm out.

Grey belt is the same except that the defender locks the opponent's elbow in the end, until she taps out.

I go again tomorrow. :)

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