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Pakua Diary 12/12/03

First regular Friday morning class. I ache all over.

We were supposed to start at 8:45AM. I arrived at 8:50 to a closed and gated school. Class started at 9AM.

Normal beginning - Ins. Dominique led the 24. Then we did falls and rolls.

Note that I never did orange belt level falls and rolls, other than during actual techniques.

No one lower than orange present, so we started with that. Orange belt falls and rolls begin from the standing position, with the legs bent. Green belt can either stand with legs straight *or*, if the fall permits it, from "rider's position." Grey has to get air time.

First we did forward fall. This is a challenge to me because of my arm and because of the psychology of falling forward from standing. I stood in rider's position - legs spread and knees bent - and put my hand in the correct position - shoulder level, hands spread, fore fingers and thumbs of both hands touching, making a sort of diamond shape. Then I fell forward, hoping to land on my forearms, balanced by my hands, and on my toes.

By the third fall, I could do it. When I began, almost a year ago now, "forward fall" for me was lying on the mat and pushing up so I was resting in the final position. And I couldn't imagine falling...

Next was forward roll. The object is to land on your feet in fighting position. Rolls have always been hard for me. Again, I began in rider's stance, gluing my head to one shoulder, and reaching down with the opposite arm, bent and facing backwards. I managed to go over both times, but could not get up in fighting position. Next time...

Then - side fall. The object in side fall is to land on your side, that arm and leg extended, the opposite leg extended over the lower one, toes touching the ground. It's actually easier to do from standing. Green belt stands straight, with one leg and arm already extended. I just let my lack of balance take me down and concentrated on landing. Even so, landing on my left side will take more practice.

Back fall. This is, for me, one of the easiest falls. The object is to land safely on your back, slaping the mat with both arms at a 45 degree angle, one leg bent and the other straight in the air. And no landing on your head. I started from standing straight, and just went over. Bam!

Back roll. Go into a back fall and then push your legs over your shoulder and end up at least on your knees. This takes stomach muscles. And I managed it twice. :) It was easier to start from standing because of the increased momentum.

Physics is everything.

The we did some one step fighting. Orange belt was grab the fist and use the pressure point behind the ear to bring them down. Green was...get into a floor kick and kick as high as possible. I could have done that with a white belt. :) Grey had a complex thing - instead of kicking, use the legs to grab the other person's and get them into a lock.

I did learn to go down fast and kick high at the same time - all in the physics and the angles.

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