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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Stupid people

A few months ago, I bought a deskpad for my desk at work. It's a neat two layer updatable calender - meant to be used with dry or wet erase markers.

Over the weekend, one of the people who share my desk updated it.

With a Sharpie.

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Try NON-ACETATE fingernail polish remover.

To remove sharpie from white boards or special coated material, try NON-ACETATE fingernail polish remover. Test it on a corner of the material to make sure it does not harm the surface. Also clorox based cleansers work, but you have to becarful, because these will harm the finish - also they do not smell very good. Lastly, they make whiteboard cleansers which are made from an alcohol. They do not work very well, but they do not harm the finish.

Good Luck getting your board clean again!

Re: Try NON-ACETATE fingernail polish remover.

Thank you!

I shall try it.

Re: Try NON-ACETATE fingernail polish remover.

If that doesn't work, hairspray (aerosol can) sometimes will also work.

Plus they have a special dry erase board cleaner that might work also.

Yes, this has happened at our office. How could you tell? *ggg*

Grrr. Someone must die.

How irritating!

Someone owes you a new deskpad. Any chance of this actually happening?

Nope. I'll try the nailpolish thing. Or live with it.

*smacks your deskmate upside the head* are you going to ask him/her to replace it?

I never see him. Actually, I think it was a substitute for him anyway, judging from other signs.


Next time you see this person, stab them.

With a Sharpie.

Did they grow up in a black hole? Who uses a sharpie on dry-erase? Good luck with the getting it off.