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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Right at this moment, I cannot *stand* my landlady.

She has a bad leak in her bathroom ceiling. She thinks it maybe us.

But there is only one place water gets on the floor, and that's only after showers and we dry it off.

So she came up today.

My house is not neat. I'm the first person to say so. I have piles of junk and papers and books everywhere. And some stuff not in piles.

I'm working on it. Slowly. I've been concentrating on the most important things - paying bills, keeping my kitchen in reasonable shape, my bathroom sanitary (good thing, huh? I didn't have to do anything but clean off my vanity today - the toilet and bathtub are *clean*) and half the dining room table available for, well, dining. Also, I have bags of papers that I just want my husband to take out, which makes for extra clutter.

Heck, I'm even being good about my laundry. As soon as we get it upstairs, we put it away all still nice and folded from the laundromat. Much better than the old way, which was dump out the laundry bag, find what you want to wear and then put it all back in the bag that night before going to sleep. Wooden laundry bags with drawers! Amazing things.

Anyway, she doesn't know that. All she knows is that I have a cluttered apartment.

I pay my rent on time and in full. We do not leave food around so there are no cockroaches. We do not have pets (okay, fine, Jonathan doesn't like animals, but if we were allowed, I'd find a way to have a dog. I miss having a dog.) The only parties we have have been zine collations and filksings - all nice and quiet. We're *great* tenants. Nothing in the lease says I have to be neat.


::kicks mama's landlady in the patootie::

I take it she was unthrilled that it wasn't neat?

Wooden laundry bags with drawers! Amazing things.

You know the worst part? That took me a minute. I was trying to picture a wooden LAUNDRY BACK with drawers. Eventually I pictured a dresser and got it. LOL.

She lectured me. Grrr

Excuse me?


Ahem. I'm gonna kick some landlady tuchis. Okay, maybe I'm not. But that's insane!

That's ridiculous. So long as you aren't incuring risks to health or the structure, or bothering your neighbors, it's none of her business.

Lectured?? Woah. That's so out of line - it's your own damn business how you keep your home, sheesh.

I can't even begin to ponder having my *landlord* see the inside of my apartment for anything less than the water heater exploding.

And if you don't have roaches and nothing's growing in the tub, there's nothing wrong with your apartment.

How is that an appropriate way to behave? Her mother ought to skin her alive- I know mine would if it were me!

That woman was completely out of line, landlord or no. As long as your clutter is causing health issues or breaking safety codes, she has absolutely no right whatsoever to say a word.

And, I have no doubts that your clutter is doing neither of those things.


Amen. And if she thinks that's messy, send her to my apartment. I can't imagine that yours is worse than mine. However, I have a landlord who comes to fix faucets, phone jacks, plaster, and whatever else needs fixing, and his comment is just that he's as much of a packrat as me.

Of course, most of my mess is books. Too many books, not enough wall space for more bookcases.