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Pakua Diary 12/18/03

Took the bus in. Got there early.

The class was only the white-belt-with-yellow-stripes Carmela and me, the green belt.

Ins. Dominique led the 24 until about halfway in, when she had to deal with a family emergency phone call. So she had me finish them. I enjoy leading the 24.

Then we went into rolls and falls again. I'm still amazed - it's been less than a year since I started doing rolls and falls, and at that point, I couldn't imagine going past the basic white belt level - and I couldn't imagine doing rolls at all.

Carmela learned the yellow belt rolls and falls, which are done from squatting. She did fairly well, too. I'm not all that sure she'd ever done white belt, but she may have in the Tuesday classes.

Green belt rolls and falls are from standing straight or from the rider's position (knees bent, legs apart). Except side fall, with is from standing on one foot while the opposite leg and arm are extended. I'd first learned them last Friday. I did them better today. And that includes the rolls and my worst fear - the front fall from standing. Well, rider's position. The last time I did it, I landed *perfectly* - the only parts of my body touching the mat were my lower arms and hands, and my toes. Not even my stomach! Nor did I kiss the mat.

To repeat the green belt rolls and falls - front roll is done from rider's position. One hand is on the floor, one is bent with the elbow out. Head goes to the shoulder opposite the bent arm. Roll on the bent arm and get up in fighting position.

Front fall takes rider's position. Hold hands in front, forming a diamond with both hands. Elbows are bent. Land on hands, forearms and toes. It's easier from standing than from squatting. It can also be done from standing straight, but I'm still worried about my arm.

Side fall is as described above. The key for that is to land on the extended arm and leg, throw the other leg over the extended one so it's on it's toe, and have the upper arm blocking.

Back fall is from standing or rider's. One falls backwards, ending flat on the mat, with the arms at a 45 degree angle from the body, one knee bent, the other leg parallel but fully extended up, and the head up. The key here is to keep your eye on that foot, so that your head doesn't touch the ground. That would be bad.

Back roll begins as a back fall, but it's continued up and over the shoulder until you're back on your feet.

Then we did a self-defense technique - what if the attacker grabs you from behind, around your upper arms?

Yellow belt - step on attacker's instep, wham! back with the head (technical term, that), put your hands to your waist with the elbows out to break the grip, grab one wrist, hit the side with one elbow and then, either punch to the face or move to the other side and break the elbow.

Green belt - same as yellow until after the hands at waist. Then, after the grip is broken, reach for the opposite wrist, wrap the other hand around their waist and flip them over your leg into a side fall and finish.

We had to work in a triangle because I could not do the green belt on Carmela, who isn't really quite yellow yet.

Then Ins. Dominique picked up a pair of cushions. We were to bent leg front kick ourselves across the room - first right leg, than left, hitting the cushion if we could. We did that back and forth. Then we did the same thing, but walking normally and punching. Carmela started grunting loudly, so I joined in with "kyas", which was fun.

Then we went home.

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