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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Stolen Wallet, Part 2

The postman rang our bell today.

It seems the theif, after removing all cash and change and the credit/debit cards, rubberbanded my driver's license to the front of my wallet and dropped it in a mailbox.

It took this long to get to us because I had the wrong zip code on the license (this was corrected in the replacement.) It also cost us $2.12 postage. :/

I've of course replaced the credit and debit cards, and the license, but I did get my insurance cards, my AAA card and my Reader's Advantage card from Barnes and Noble back, so that's a good thing. I'd forgotten about the AAA card. Also a little mincha-ma'ariv book which I've also replaced but Jonathan can use it.

So. At least I got that. Sort of a Chanukah present.


I'm glad you got at least some of your stuff back.

Happy Chanukah.

Weird. I wonder if a girlfriend/mother/wife did that? Still, it's nice to get some of your stuff back.

Way too look at the silver lining :) It makes life much easier to look on the bright side of things.

How odd.

I wonder if the thief tossed it after getting the "good" stuff, and someone else found it and posted it. Because that is really odd.

Okay, either someone else found your discarded wallet, or you have an incredibly polite thief.

Now, there was the time I found a wallet discarded near my house. The owner's card (including credit cards) were still in it, but she was a student, so her address on the driver's license was out of town. However, she was a member of the same health club as me, so I called them and asked them to call her and let her know I had her wallet and how to contact me.

That night, she had it back.