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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Stolen Wallet, Part 2

The postman rang our bell today.

It seems the theif, after removing all cash and change and the credit/debit cards, rubberbanded my driver's license to the front of my wallet and dropped it in a mailbox.

It took this long to get to us because I had the wrong zip code on the license (this was corrected in the replacement.) It also cost us $2.12 postage. :/

I've of course replaced the credit and debit cards, and the license, but I did get my insurance cards, my AAA card and my Reader's Advantage card from Barnes and Noble back, so that's a good thing. I'd forgotten about the AAA card. Also a little mincha-ma'ariv book which I've also replaced but Jonathan can use it.

So. At least I got that. Sort of a Chanukah present.


Okay, either someone else found your discarded wallet, or you have an incredibly polite thief.

Now, there was the time I found a wallet discarded near my house. The owner's card (including credit cards) were still in it, but she was a student, so her address on the driver's license was out of town. However, she was a member of the same health club as me, so I called them and asked them to call her and let her know I had her wallet and how to contact me.

That night, she had it back.