Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

For anyone who has ever attended a Kirk Poland Contest and loves Fanthorpe

mctabby has another Summary Executions post.

These are really bad story summaries gleaned from and other places.

And this time, *this* is included.

Forever he painted his world in shades of grey, that color even more bleak and haunting that the sound of his beautiful, horrible music. Forever this grey surrounded him, so wretched, so despairing, and yet so wholly, horrifyingly, breathtakingly him. Draco was grey, in every sense of the word, from his mood, to his physicality, deep in his soul. The color could not be uprooted, so deeply was it entrenched in the muddy soil of his past life, thriving in the darkness that had, and maybe still now, consumed him, and growing to be a creeper so large and thorny that he was caged inside of it, perhaps inescapably.

In other words.

It was grey.
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