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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today, I had a lesson in uploading pictures.

Stop laughing. I mean it. Stop laughing.

It's not R's fault - everyone else is a complete duffer with computers, so he has to assume I am, too. And he did show me useful things - where the photos are located, where they should go, the preferred way of renaming them (we upload the photos to a website. We store them with their addresses, but we do *not* want addresses on the public website, for obvious reasons, so we have to rename them, and it's good to have a standard renaming.)

But browse to upload - heck, I've been doing that since the first self-archiver was *tested*. :)

See? Fanfic has given me job skills.


You know, I always think of myself as not having any real computer skills worth mentioning, because it's not like I'm trained in anything particular wrt computers, it's more that I have a general understanding of computers (though more Linux than Windows, I never quite understand why Windows systems react like they do, and tend to avoid them if I can), and know a bit of all kinds of things, usually only learning what I need to do accomplish something as I go along (like e.g. I know a little bit of Perl and PHP because I wanted extra functionality for my website and customize scripts, but so far I haven't bothered to learn either systematically as a programming language). But then I hear somebody mentioning that there are other people who use computers and need lessons for things I never think of as anything anybody could not know if they work with computers at all, and am astonished anew each time.