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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

She did it again.

My landlady just called me. When I said we were eating dinner (yes, after 9PM. We eat when my husband gets home, and he gets home late.), she expressed surprise and then just harangued me. As if we weren't eating dinner.

Because my house is cluttered.

It's not in my lease, you know. That the house be clean.

She has a leak in her bathroom. The pipes are okay. It's not coming from my bathroom. We know that because we have taken long showers since and she hasn't had a leak. She'll probably get one tomorrow from the rain. And blame us.


I've been busy. And I've been sick. And it doesn't matter anyway. Because she has no grounds. I *know* this. I know what leases say, and what this one says, and what a landlord's rights are.




Wow, how rude. I agree with tigerbright; a straightforward "we are not going to continue to talk about this" seems in order. (I assume that you otherwise like the apartment and aren't looking to move.)

It's a *nice* apartment. It's in a good location, close to stores and our synagogue, and we have friends nearby, plus if we ever get bookcases (we're looking at Gothic and Cabinet Craft to make us some plain, six feet ones)we will have a library. Maybe we'll even catalog it. :) Be nice to know where all the books are. And, we hope, room for a guest bed.

And, with a couple thousand books, we don't want to move again.