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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Bored.  Bored. Bored.  BORED!

I'm caught up with my work.  There are only two agents (not surprised - no one else is Jewish).  There are no clients walking in because A. it's Christmas Eve and B. it's pouring out.  I have nothing to do.

I moved HP100 and Wednesday100 out of my default view until after any and all winter holidays are over.  I have nothing to read.

I need recs.  I need long stories with no mention of Christmas.  Long, slashy stories.  Smallville.  Harry Potter. The Sentinel.  Due South. 

Um.  Well-written stories with no egregious grammatical or spelling mistakes to make me nuts. 

Story rec

imkalena just posted a new dS story, F/K, which I enjoyed tremendously. It does have mention of a small Fraser fir with a bow on it, which is readily-available in a flower shop because the story's set in December -- but the story is in no way Christmas-related, at all. It's here: Dining Out.

Chag sameach!

Re: Story rec

Oh, yes.

That was just want I wanted.

Thank you!

And I'll thank Kalena when I'm back on my own computer, too.

SV story by Prufrock and Jenn (posted on the 19th, so this might be old news for you already): This, Too.

Well, it's not fanfic or slash, but I think it's decently-written and the grammar and spelling are solid, and it'll keep you busy for a while, so you might enjoy Larissa's diary from ralph_dnd. First entry. I've been told that this is quite followable to people not in the game, and the character, plot, and writing all mature over time. :-) (There is, in fact, an overall theme/plot, though it takes a while for our sorcerous heroine to put the pieces together.)

Entries in this community with this user pic are part of the diary. That's most, but not all, of the entries in the community.