Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Happy Belated Birthday, lanning!

Due South RayK/Fraser R

June 25, 1AM

Ray stood by the window, wearing nothing because who'd have thought it would be hot up north like this? And Fraser didn't have air conditioning because he didn't even have electricity, which Ray wouldn't have thought he could live without.

Turns out that he could manage without electricity and could learn to cook pretty good on a wood stove, and he never thought he'd be grateful to Vecchio for anything, but there was a real indoor toilet, which almost made up for having to cook bathwater. And laundry water.

But this not having night at nighttime stuff? These white nights? These freaked him out more than…more than…

How perfect Fraser looked on the big bed they'd cobbled together, naked in the sunlight coming through the window, his skin white like the nights even with all the sun. More than that he knew how that body felt, how it tasted - how Fraser sounded when he came, and how he smelled afterwards.

Because that never freaked him out. Maybe it should have, but he'd fantasized about it for so long that it just seemed normal. As normal as any wish that came true, anyway. That Fraser wanted to know the same things about him, even when he was wearing six layers of clothing, two of which never came off, that rocked his world. That also blew his mind, but since Fraser also knew how to do things with his mouth besides taste evidence, he didn't care. Much.

No, what freaked him out was that it was 1AM and he was looking at a clear blue sky in the middle of Nowhere, Canada, and he was going to be doing stuff tomorrow and he couldn't get to sleep.

"You glow in the sunlight." Ray jumped.

"You're supposed to be sleeping." And there was Fraser, standing up like some marble statue that had hair and blue eyes and soft lips, and scars.

"As are you, Ray. But since you are not, I find I cannot."

"It's too bright. My curassian rhythm is all out of sync. My head thinks it's daytime. Because it *is* daytime. And I'm not glowing." He put his hands on his waist for emphasis.

"You are. Your hair, your skin, your eyes. I. You know words aren't easy for me."

Ray would have laughed - Fraser had no trouble with words. It was Ray who didn't even know the right ones that had the problems. But he didn't, because this was something no one had the words for, he figured.

"So. Don't use words when you got something better." He smiled, and leaned closer and Fraser filled his arms the way the sun filled the sky and snow had filled the land.

And Fraser led him back to their bed, and filled him again in all the ways he could, and Ray went to sleep in the shelter of his arms and the shade of his body.

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