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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yeah, I'm spamming today. :)


Today, just before my shower, I saw that the curtain was pulled out of the rings. I stood on the tub and tried to take of them, but I gave up. I got in the shower and noticed that it really should be on the rings.

At this point: wet feet. Wet side of tub. Poor sense of balance.

I fell right away.

And time slowed - adrenaline. And I had the time to think, "Oh, back fall." It's a narrow space between the tub and the wall. No room to do it totally right, but I fell correctly given that.

So. I was relaxed. I whammed one arm against the baseboard. The other landed palm down on the floor with a slap. My head, and this is the important part, never got near the tile floor. I automatically kept it up because that's what you do when you back fall.

My only injury is a nasty bruise to my left forearm and a couple of scratches to that wrist - my baseboards are all uncovered. I have no joint injuries at all - not even a strain from tension - my neck doesn't feel whiplashed (and I know that feeling now), and, baruch hashem, I was not knocked unconscious because my head hit the tile floor. And, as my husband is not home and we're meeting a friend for dinner, it could have been very, very bad.

Instead. Fifteen minutes later, I'm here. I just got up and finished the shower.

Although, I'm letting my husband do the shower curtains.

This is the first time I've used the knowledge outside of class. And it saved me from my own stupidity, but it also makes it all worth it.


Mazel Tov!

Isn't it great when coursework becomes applicable to your real life in some way?

Oh, yeah.

And better this way than, Gd forbid, an attack or something.

that's wonderful!

i mean, not, obviously, wonderful that you fell down. but it's fabulous that you were able to use your knowledge and not hurt yourself. yay! [backflip]

I'm pretty stoked about it myself.

I'll take a sore arm anyday. :)

Ooooh, congratulations!

I mean, how terrible that you fell. But how wonderful that you consciously adapted to the situation! That's fantastic!

It's so great that you escaped with nothing worse than a bit of a bang-up. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

It proves I've internalized a lot of it, and that's what I want. Because it wasn't conscious, other than thinking "back fall." The rest was automatic.

My arm is sore. It's a good price to pay, given how stupid I was.

That's amazing. I was reading through the first part of the post with dread, then suddenly started grinning.

Mazel Tov.

I'm pretty amazed by it, too.

But then, if I were lying there, Gd forbid, I wouldn't have been posting. :)

Thank you.

oh, well done! how terrific that you internalized your learning so well, and it's been so helpful in saving you from possible injury. sorry you fell, but happy it ended so nicely.

Yes. I'm excited. Also relieved that it works.

Now I just need to not act like an idiot.

That's really cool.

Isn't it?

I can't wait to tell my Instructor tomorrow.

Um. Shouldn't this technically have come with a PAKUA MAMA icon?

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Um. Shouldn't this technically have come with a PAKUA MAMA icon? <g,d,r very, very fast>


It's great that what you've learned turns out to be context-independent!

Uh, yeah. Everything they said. That's great!


good mama!