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Pakua Diary 12/30/03

Comments turned off as usual. Also, back to the old format.

Got there early in the normal school. They were installing a new mat cover and painting the walls this past weekend. They also left pieces of mat cover and tools and other things all over. *Sigh*.

Instructor Dominique taught. Instructor Jasmine, Instructor Riki, me, Penina (orange) and Carmela (yellow stripes) were there.

We warmed up. I led the 24. It was a pleasure to not wear a hat or skirt. :)

First we did rolls and falls. After yesterday's event, these were *no* problem. Okay, I did jam my head into my shoulder when I did a left sidefall, but that means I need more practice. Oh. No bruise on that arm, either. :)

White belt does the falls and rolls from kneeling. Orange does it from standing with knees bent. Green from standing, but I bend my knees for front falls and rolls because of my arm. Gray gets air and distance, and does front falls from walking or running.

We did a two hand self-defense move. Both wrists are grabbed. Reflex kick, pull the hands apart and grab their wrists. Pick up right knee and pull towards you. Sweep out the right leg and sweep into a side fall, still holding one wrist. Step over the arm and lock it to finish.

I don't know what orange or yellow did. I worked with the gray belts.

I don't think I do front falls very well, but I'm still amazed I do them at all, so I'm happy. I do wish she didn't praise everything as "very good" when it isn't.

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