Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

For justacat - A bedtime story

Sequel to "Thing"

Due South, Fraser/RayK. G

"We got a card from them today." Ray put the casserole on the table between them, and took his seat opposite Fraser.

"It was only expected, Ray. Your birthday." Fraser helped himself to dinner. Ray had proven a sure hand with rabbit and other game - far better than Fraser would have.

"Yeah, I guess. Stella was always good that way. Vecchio signed it, too." He pulled the envelope from his pocket and showed Fraser the contents. It was already bent, but Fraser supposed that was only appropriate. He took the card from Ray, allowing his fingers to brush Ray's hand.

It was a simple enough card. Just a picture of a classic car and birthday wishes from the Vecchios, plus a small photo of the two of them in front of the Vecchio house. "It looks like they've moved back to Chicago."

"I would have bet you that. Stella run a bowling alley?" Ray smiled. "She'll be a judge before she's fifty. You watch."

Fraser was silent for a moment. Ray seemed to understand. He'd never quite outgrew his need to fill silences, but he accepted them more and more.

"Do you think of her? Ever? Do you miss..." Do you miss being with a woman, Ray? Do you regret that you're with me? Fraser could not voice this, but he knew Ray would understand.

"Stella and me. We were good. I told you that. That was maybe the only good thing we had." He put his hand to Fraser's face. "But you and me. It's different. We have that, and we have. This." He gestured around the cabin.

Fraser leaned into the hand on his face. "I...just had to know."

Ray put his other hand on his other cheek, so gently. Fraser still didn't know where Ray learned to be gentle. "And - what about you? What about him? You miss him? You miss someone with meat on his bones? Someone who doesn't mantle the language?"

Fraser thought. "You slept with him, too."

"Yeah. That's why I wonder, cause he's *hot*." Ray grinned. "And knows what to do with his mouth, I'll tell you that."

"He was my best friend. And he was my lover for a short time. Sometimes I think about him, yes. But then I look at you and I do not envy Stella. I wonder how she could give you up and I am grateful that she did."

And then Fraser leaned forward, and kissed Ray, over the steaming casserole and the opened bottle of beer.

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