Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 12/31/03

Class at 9AM today. Dojo clean. :)

I got there a little early. Warmed up. Instructor Dominique had us doing forward rolls under the mirror and backfalls opposite. Instructor Judith led the 24, Instructor Riki led the kicks. Did some one on one fighting.

Ins. Dominique had us sitting on the floor to cool down and when we opened our eyes, Instructor Yasmin had appeared. Just slightly late.

We then did free one-step fighting techniques. Free techniques means that, after the opponent puts out their fist, you are free to do any technique appropriate to their belt level. It's permissible to work one belt up - green techniques on orange, grey techniques on green. The basic green belt move seems to be grab hand, move leg, flip and finish. Or grab hand and lock behind them and push to floor. I am very bad at locking arms. The goal is to get opponent on the floor or helpless. Green belt also works on the floor.

After we did that, she changed to free self-defense techniques. In one step fighting, the opponent steps forward, punching the air and then remaining still. In self-defense, the opponent grabs the other - arms, wrists, shoulders, neck, belt, lapels. The basic moves are to kick and to break the other's grasp. Then - well, green belt aims for the floor again. I'm not very imaginative for this. But. I'm good at flipping. :)

We finished with the shadow movements.

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