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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

See, I got yet another "active wear" catalog in the mail the other day.

This one does not cater to the big girls, so there was absolutely nothing in my size anyway, but.

Even if I could find my size, there was only a limited amount of things I could buy.

It hit me.

There needs to be a line of frum/modest exercisewear. Because you see these women walking/jogging/running down Ocean Parkway (imagine six lanes of roadway. Put a light on ever corner. Add a service road on either side. Separate the service roads with very long, skinny parks - benches, tables and chess tables and trees.) in denim and knit skirts and snoods or hats or even wigs. Sometimes pushing strollers. And then there are gyms and what I'm doing and there's a need.

What there needs to be are high necked bra tops and tanks, and tops with long or 3/4 length sleeves made of light but opague materials that wick away moisture. And necklines that cover the collar bone and hems that cover the hips.

Junonia, which is a company that specializes in large-sized active wear, sells bike shorts with attached skirts. These skirts are all way above the knee.

What we need are shorts or tights with attached skirts where the skirts are very full and light and opague and reach well below the knee. And have a zippered elastic pocket in the back.

And there needs to be hats designed for exercise - hats that look pretty and stay on and keep the head cool in the summer. Hats for women with long hair and with short hair and no hair. Hats that don't need to be tied. :)

And, you know. I'd bet there are a lot of women out there who would like exercise clothes like this (maybe not the hats :)). And not just us big girls, either.


Start a business. Betcha could do it. Dare ya. Double dare ya. :)

This sounds like the basis for a nice little online business. Now you just need to find suppliers.

The question, then, is how to find them. And finance them. :)

SERIOUSLY what they said. Add some swimsuits with a tad of a boyleg on them, and you've got me.

Yes, a business. I know it would work, I know you would have plenty people trying to buy in NYC. (There are a lot of women in my gym looking pretty uncomfortable trying to excercise in long denium skirts. They look uncomfortable.)

Try doing martial arts in a long knit skirt. :)

i agree! that'd be great! you live near ocean parkway? what a scary place! :) but think about it....i can only imagine how expensive such clothes would be in anything above a size 16 childrens :)

Ocean Parkway? Scary?


Yeah, they'd cost. But even regular stuff costs.

theyd be a lotta lotta money. ocean p is only scary bc i've only been to bkln twice...you gotta understand!

I've been adapting exercise patterns to fit me, but I hadn't thought of an overskirt, because I wear a pareo/sarong around my waist. I've thought of making exercisewear in larger sizes for sale, because I find the lack of color offensive, but I really don't know anything about marketing, etc. Who wants to wear black all the time?

Are wraparounds considered frum?

www.junonia.com has colors. I have other issues with them, but they do have colors.

Wrap-arounds can open up. That's the only problem I can see.

Then again, I don't wear skirts with slits.

Are you thinking of something like this exercise pant only with a full shirt attached to it at the waistband? That wouldn't be too hard, one could sew the waists of the pant and the skirt together, then add in the elasticized waist.

Maybe the skirt and pant in a self fabric, with both about ankle length? Or does the skirt need to be longer than the pant?

The skirt only has to be a few inches below the knee - doesn't matter if the pants show. That is what I'm thinking about - a skirt sewn to the pants, sharing the waistline to reduce waistbands. Not a self fabric - I'd want exercise pants/shorts (spandex or coolmax or even fleece for winter) and a skirt of a very lightweigh but opague knit or weave so it didn't get in the way. The skirt would be strictly for modesty and a place for pockets, after all. There should be pockets in front, too, for tennis balls and the like.

And a choice of colors, too, including white. Matching or black shorts/tights. White would only have matching. (For tennis, you see, even if no one actually wears white anymore.)

Sweetie, what they all said. And not for just frum women, either...I often find that anything but borrowing Dee's sweats reveals far too much of what I'm trying to get rid of (yeah, he likes his sweats way loose, so they do fit me).

Also, you might want to try starting a letter/email campaign to companies like Danskin, and the places that send you those catalogs....

I didn't think just frum women would want it. A skirt that doesn't add much weight or any restriction on movement, but that covers - be useful just for summerwear. And attached shorts means one fewer waistband.

And tops that actually cover, and don't show everything.

I can think of a lot of reasons any woman might want these.

On the other hand, I've seen pictures of Orthodox girls' summer camps.

They'd jump on a modest "sports skirt."

Write Junonia and ask them! I've ordered from them before - expensive, but they have good pants. (which sounds really weird when I read it now.) But, they also had a feedback letter thing in the order form, if I remember correctly. So they're open to suggestions.

No way I'm showing my knees to a bunch of strangers. :)

*That* I already did, because they do have something similar. Go here.

Does anything from Deva Lifewear or Drawstrings of Malibu meet your needs? I have to admit, I'm completely clueless about your requirements (I'm surfing back entries for folks who've friended me today) but in Googling around, I found some interesting links (sorry if you've already seen them!)...


Hats to exercise in!!! Novel concept! Would they be like hats that don't blow off when you are walking down the street because a wind gust comes along? (or a sheitel that falls off during kor'im during Mussaf of Yom Kippur - well, that's a different story). I would vote for that.
The option I've found is exercising in a women's only gym. I know that isn't sufficient for everyone, but it is out there.

You lost a sheitl in shul? Oh, you poor thing! :)

Yeah, a hat that won't blow off. One with, say, well placed holes for bobby pins or clips, or combs sewn in.

Women's only gyms are a great option, but they'd be no fun to rollerblade in.

And welcome to my friends' list.