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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I know it's early, but.

Would anyone be interested in another challenge? For say, the summer? August 1? Not tied to any holiday at all? Just obscure pairings like the Yuletide challenge?

Because I applaud the organizers for all their efforts - it created a lot of wonderful stories and it seemed like everyone had a wonderful time.


Well, I think you might be able to do a good one in summer, and tie it into a holiday.

Make it a 4th of July thing. For a holiday that has pretty universal appeal?

Even to Brits and Canadians? :)

No, that's the *thing*. There's nothing wrong with tying challenges into holidays (even if my own stubbornness won't let me participate), but they don't *have* to be.

August 1. A Sunday in Summer.

That works to.

I'm thinking of August as "That month I go to Florida a lot".

But I have to go there like 3 times that month, so you know..


Well, to those of Pagan leanings, August 1 is a holiday -- Lammas, the first day of harvest. *smile*

Oh. Darn.

Didn't want anyone's holiday. Darn calendars!

August 8?

Well, there's a certain symmetry in convincing tzikeh and astolat to use their same software configuration to run Lammastide... we could go with a Christmas in July sort of theme, with stories posted on July 24th, and authors revealed on August 1st. Might be way cool! Then there'd be two obscure yearlong challenges going for the pairings that were requested but not written...

The reason I didn't take part in the yuletide one was that it was connected to Christmas. A Christmas in July one would be equally from that perspective.

It was murder watching everyone else have fun with this this time around, and knowing it's going to happen every year.

I was suggesting something I maybe could take part in.

Hrm. From my view, Yule predates Christmas by quite a lot... and I'd write for Chanukkah or Kwanzaa obscure fandom and pairing exchanges if they existed, and I don't celebrate those holidays with any regularity. I celebrate the Solstice and Christmas myself, for various reasons, and I do respect other's faiths and holiday observances or nonobservances. I like holidays; the more the merrier.

By the way: I didn't mean to offend, in case I did inadvertently. *looks sheepish*

I might even join in on something that wasn't tied to a holiday. Not much of a fanfic writer, but I do need to do more fiction writing to get back into the swing of it. :)

I'd be interested. Yuletide was fun.

It looked that way. :)

I mean, obscure pairings written to someone else's order? It's what I *do*.

Sounds interesting....

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Nod. I can see that. Yeah - not a summer thing. Just. A thing that takes place when there are no holidays. :)