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Pakua Diary 1/08/04

Got there a tad late, but at the same time as the others. Ins. Dominique (blue), Grey belts Ins. Jasmine and Ins. Riki, me (green) and Penina (orange).

Warmed up, including kicking in the corners with a "KYA!" and thirty locked leg (pairs locking their legs together) sit-ups. I find those very difficult.

Ins. Dominique led the 24. Penina did the kicks, Ins. Jasmine did punches and I did blocks. I need to do better on blocks.

We paired up for one on one. After the first rotation, we did "combinations" - kicks or punches that we think flow into each other. After the second rotation, we did cushion work.

We worked in pairs. One held a cushion, the other kicked at the cushion as hard as possible. First, side kicks - ten on each leg, then back kicks with looking, ten on each side.

Stand in fighting position - arms up, one leg and corresponding hand back, the other forward. Default is "right foot back".

Side kicks - shift the front leg and kick out with the ball of the foot of the rear leg.
Back kick with looking - Turn towards the front leg, eye target and kick with that same leg.

Both are difficult but powerful kicks. And Penina kicks *hard*.

Then we did one-step fighting.

Orange belt - block/grab fist, apply pressure to pressure point under shoulder, and push down, twisting arm as you do. Finish.

Green/Grey belts - same as orange, but lock the arm over knee to finish.

I still have problems with arm techniques and really need to work on them.

After one rotation, we shifted from the normal right foot back fighting position to left foot back, which made it even more confusing, but it made sense - the technique is painful to that shoulder.

All in all, a very good class that got my blood moving.

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