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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More on George

George, if you all remember, is my office's landlord.

Apparently, he was gone all weekend. All this frigid, frigid weekend. Leaving the heat off.

The pipes burst Sunday night. I found that out when I got to work and found All in Chaos. Fortunately, my own desk was out of danger. Unfortunately, we do not have a workable bathroom.

There happened to be an agent working here that night when it happened and she took immediate and appropriate action, so the damage is mostly to the pipes and some papers. Not the computers.

However, it took several hours to get everything back - those computers that weren't physically moved were at least unplugged, as was the other equipment. I've plugged in a number of strips and one monitor.

And there is still no heat. I'm wearing my coat and there's a heater aimed at me.

We just spoke to his mother and will be contacting lawyers.

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Sue his butt off!

Money is the only thing that talks. Office managment will only work when it hurts their bank accounts.

Re: Sue his butt off!

He's not an office manager. He's the owner of a three family mixed use property. And he's insane.

Re: Sue his butt off!

Is his mother insane? Or will she get him in line?

Re: Sue his butt off!

Maybe he needs to be instutitonialized?

Oh, my! Don't you live / work somewhere in the NE US? What sort of {expletive deleted} leaves the heat off completely in a building with pipes anywhere in the northern 2/3rd's of the US in January?

He deserves whatever he gets - and it sounds like your company needs to be looking for a new location, anyway!

We're moving at the end of March. My employer manages another building close by with a storefront about to be vacant anyway. And he's getting $100 off rent every day we don't get heat.

Argh! How stupid can this guy be?! I'm glad you got lucky in the stuff-rescue part, at least.