Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Meme gacked from mctabby: Take the last line/sentence from the most recent ten posts on your friends list (right now) and post them.

1. *princesses*
2. Which completely non-existant Lord of the Rings object are you?
3. But that'd be awfully callous of Dumbledore, wouldn't it.
4. He's SKY CAPTAIN in the WORLD OF TOMORROW, and also my sekrit boyfriend. Thank you.
5. Lemme know here. Thanks! =)
6. I actually like the job I have quite a lot.
7. Who is your inner Coupling character?
8. Our time together was so short Sparky. Nice to have known you--I think.
9. This isn't something I made myself, but it's something I found online, and it's pretty.
10. found the TV remote!

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