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I feel amazingly efficient right now.

In about ten minutes, I killed three major things on my to-do list - even if two of them are because I need to keep my appointments straight. Major because they involve making phone calls. Now, calling strangers about work related things is very easy. That's my job.

Calling on my own behalf? Problem! Don't ask me why, but it is.

I go every month to get my face lasered. And I forgot whether it's this week or next. A bit of research in the phone book,and it's next week.

I go to a dermatologist every six months to monitor my hypersensitive skin and to check on my mole collection, and every so often remove one. (Baruch ha-Shem, all of *those* have turned out to be benign.) The appointment was *last* Thursday. And I didn't listen to my answering machine. *sigh* Fortunately, this doctor doesn't charge for missed appointments. Unfortunately, he's also closely scheduled and taking Feb off.

I'm going March 11 at 3PM. When I get home, this is going on a calendar. :)

And I have reserved a car for Arisia enough in advance I can be sure of getting more or less what I want.

Now to do some of the work they pay me for.

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