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Give me a break

Me before break: tired, irritable, unable to concentrate, inches away from exploding, overwhelmed by all the work ahead of me. And I wasn't hiding it well, either. :(

Me after break (10-15 minutes later): relaxed, calm, able to see that there really isn't that much work, happy.

Difference? I went to the bathroom. Major, um. relief. :) (My office does not have a working bathroom, due to the lack of working pipes and therefore water - we have access to one, but it means leaving the office entirely and walking half a block.) I also got out of the environment, which let my nerves stop sending urgent signals of "do this now!"

And I said the afternoon service. I didn't say it with any special intention, and I sped through it fast enough that I'm barely sure I said everything, and as I do it in Hebrew, I only have the most general idea of what I was saying. Even so, it *helped*.

I finished my work five minutes ago. I'm leaving in about ten. Maybe I'll get some writing done tonight.

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