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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Give me a break

Me before break: tired, irritable, unable to concentrate, inches away from exploding, overwhelmed by all the work ahead of me. And I wasn't hiding it well, either. :(

Me after break (10-15 minutes later): relaxed, calm, able to see that there really isn't that much work, happy.

Difference? I went to the bathroom. Major, um. relief. :) (My office does not have a working bathroom, due to the lack of working pipes and therefore water - we have access to one, but it means leaving the office entirely and walking half a block.) I also got out of the environment, which let my nerves stop sending urgent signals of "do this now!"

And I said the afternoon service. I didn't say it with any special intention, and I sped through it fast enough that I'm barely sure I said everything, and as I do it in Hebrew, I only have the most general idea of what I was saying. Even so, it *helped*.

I finished my work five minutes ago. I'm leaving in about ten. Maybe I'll get some writing done tonight.

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Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar!

Sorry, had to be done.

I see that you're doing a panel erev yom tov on LJ. I'll be at dinner, but I look forward to you summing it up. This is my first Arisia and I anticipate having a great time. I may or may not stop by the kosher suite - depends on what'all I get up to.

I always like your recaps of the cons you attend. }:-)

I'm doing *five* panels. :)

Shabbos night, I'm *moderating* a panel on "The fanfic explosion."

Shabbos afternoon, I have one on the ever popular question, "Why can't you write something real?" Motzei Shabbat, as you noticed, I have one on LJ. Sunday, there's on Harry Potter and another comparing Media to general SF conventions.

Maybe I'll see you at one of them?

And Shabbos dinner is at 5PM, if you want to join us. You'd be welcome.