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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Me and Crit - a whine

Or maybe Crit and Me?

Yesterday, I posted Whispers in the Television Without Pity Smallville Fanfic Thread. This may have been a mistake because it looks like the stories there have tended to the cute and fluffy (how one writes a cute and fluffy Smallville is something else again) , so my dark and shocking little story is...dark and shocking. Since I was unfamiliar with that thread, I didn't realize that. My fault.

My story squicked them. Huh. I should be flattered. I squicked an entire thread with one word. "Daddy."

It was meant to be disturbing. It seems to have worked. In fact, it seems to have made that thread the busiest one on the Smallville forum. Yes, I'm bitter.

It's not the crit itself, at least not for the most part. I don't *care* (okay, I do, but I understand that tastes differ, so I can shrug it off) that people don't like the story. And I really understand those who think it was squicksome, as it was meant to be, and not everyone likes that. Most people don't. It's the snide comments about me as a writer - the horrors of "shockfic" and how "anvilicious" it was. That means "How badly I'd overdid the foreshadowing."

So, if the ending was a surprise, it's bad, and if it wasn't, it's bad. I can't win.

I suspect that particular person read the story, was shocked and went back and noticed that I had actually foreshadowed. And that's going to jump out on second viewing. But I could be wrong.

I'm sensitive about my writing itself. Not the stories, not even the characterization, because I know I see things differently than a lot of people, but the writing itself. I think my writing is good. Not the best, not great, but *good*. Readable. Could stand improvement, and I'm working on it,, but not *bad*.

But I'm too close to it, so I could be wrong. Even so, to be criticised because I either had too much or too little foreshadowing - that hurt. And to be criticised because I was squicky, and didn't warn...well. *sigh*

Current Mood: whiney

That image is for the people who upset you, Debbie.

I read Whispers, and you saw my comment.

I will admit to not squicking easily, and even when I do I can forgive it when the writing is good, as yours always is.

Further, it makes sense in light of the episodes I've seen which imply pretty strongly that Lex's relationship with his father is...um...complex; having been a battered kid, I can actually see the relationship having that kind of abuse as an aspect of it.

That said, I think it was a damned good story, and want to see the sequel, to see how Clark deals (or not) with it.

One word of warning -- that all it took to squick a whole thread was one word -- "Daddy." -- is more a comment on their state of mind than on your writing.

OTOH, there are a whole lot of us who enjoy your writing because it tackles the tough stuff.

Keep it coming, kiddo.