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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I was utterly blown away. Except during the Lana parts when things just stopped cold.

But other than that - every scene with Lex, with Clark, with Lionel. With the boys. With...

They were heartbreaking and scary and, oh, Continuity is smiling.

And, yes. Jonathan Kent is selfish because he wants Lex to pay for Clark's secret. And Lex would keep it safe. I know he would. And. But he loves his son more than he loves another man's son. And Jonathan would do anything to protect him. And that can be wrong, but he didn't risk his own son getting brain damaged. And if Clark had come home with Lex, he would have done what he could to make it work.

Lionel made a mistake. A big one.

Two big ones.

But he has gorgeous hair.

And Lex loves Clark and Clark loves Lex and he would have freed him if it weren't for the past come back to haunt them. And that scene in the mansion called for a kiss.

And Clark is feeling more guilt than anyone could imagine.

And die, Lana, die.

And. I'm not coherent.

Except - anyone catch the reference to the Themysciran Queen on that newspaper headline? :)


The Lex scenes were spectacular. Lionel is Satan incarnate!!

And I agree, the Lana scenes were completely detracting from the rest of the episode. She broke her leg in FOUR places, therefore she deserves pity and adoration. Oh, and did you know her parents are dead?

And what the heck is Martha thinking, trying to get Clark and Lana back together?????

I was wondering about the heqadline. I did read the word "Queen" and wondered if this was a follow-up to the headline in the pilot episode about the head of Queen Industries being rescued.

I loved this episode, even the parts with Lana since someone talked back to her!

The big question is, did Lex really lose all his memories of the "break?" Is he faking any of it? Will they come back?

The bigger question is, will Clark's slwoly building war with Lionel lead Clark himself to consider killing Lionel out of a mix of justice and self-preservation. The course of Lionel's eventual death for his misdeeds may have shifted.