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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

The insane landlord? Has been missing for two weeks. His mother has not heard from him at all. She's getting rather worried.

One of my bosses thinks that if he doesn't show up in two weeks asking for the rent, we should start to worry ourselves.

The current theory is that he's still upstairs. In an unheated apartment. And has been for those two weeks. And doesn't need heat anymore. Not that we're suggesting that to Mom, of course.


And doesn't need heat anymore.

If that's the case, you should be very, very glad that there's no heat. Very.

Oh, yeah.

We're trying to get Mom to call the police without scaring her unduly.

We're trying to get Mom to call the police

Say mom... if son is missing, who's paying the bills? Maybe you should do a little cya...

We pay our own utility bills.

Yeah, two weeks without heat is a blessing in some cases. If he doesn't have a history of disappearing like this, you might gently suggest to mum that she needs to file a missing person's report and let the police open his apartment. Or someone might just suggest that the pipes need to be checked to ensure they aren't freezing and get a key and have the police stop by.

He does have a history of disappearing, which is why it took so long for us to be concerned.

And the pipes have frozen and burst, and did so last week. The office is without water entirely - we have to go to a different office to use the bathroom. We also have no heat, and are using electric space heaters. We're also moving at the end of next month.

Definately time to call in Lennie Brisco :) This weather makes all sorts of things more likly than they would be in good weather.