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Happy Belated Birthday, Friend of Mine

This is for a person who choses to remain nameless.

Sports Night. Dan/Casey G

Truth and Mockery

"I can't believe this." Dan looked up from his laptop screen, glaring at Casey, who insisted on just sipping his coffee.

"You can't believe this."

"I can NOT believe this."

"Danny? What can't you believe?"

"*This*." He picked up his laptop and carried it over to Casey, since Casey was rooted to the couch. Halfway there, he stopped to unplug the laptop from the wall. Of course, Casey sniggered. Of course, he'd done the same thing yesterday, at which point Dan sniggered, but that had nothing do with anything.

"What am I looking at, Danny? Because it does not look like a script, and that's what you're supposed to be working on right now. Unlike me, because I have finished my portion of the script that I can do before the basketball scores come in." He sipped his coffee right at Dan.

"How can I work on a script when this is out there on the web?" He pointed to the article, which was under a big, pink headline with a heart around it.

"Romantic gossip? I'm sorry, Dan, but I can't ban romantic gossip on the web, or, in fact, anywhere else. My powers do not extend that far."

"Read the article. Here, I'll relieve you of potential laptop destroying materials before hand." He took the coffee out of Casey's hand. He would have taken a sip but Casey liked his coffee light and sweet because he knew that Dan liked his black. Also because it had cooled off and therefore even less drinkable.

Casey read the article. And then he shook his head. "What don't you believe?"

"That they think we're lovers."

"Danny, people have been joking about that since we started together. Lisa used to make clippings." He closed the browser window and opened the word processor, which had three lines of a script on it. The lines that had mocked him enough to force him to surf the web.

"They have?"

"They have."

"Does Isaac know?"

"Isaac knows."

"Does Dana know?"

"Dana took over for Lisa."

"Natalie? Of course Natalie knows - what Dana knows, Natalie knows. And so Jeremy knows, and if Jeremy knows…" He sat down hard.

"Everyone knows, Dan."

"Everyone knows. How come I don't know? How come no one told me that the world thinks of us as a romantic item? And if the world thinks of us as a romantic item, how come we have any viewers at all?"

"You don't know because we all knew you would react like this."

"Like what?"

"Like this. Like the world was crashing down because some columnist thought you were vaguely gay."

"The world is crashing down. Or it would be if it were new. It's not new?"

"It's not new."

He rubbed his eyes. "And we still have viewers how? Last time I checked, most straight guys are vaguely homophobic about vaguely gay types."

"They are. But most of them don't read those sorts of columns. And look at our demographics. Women. Lots of women. And plenty of guys, too. We're not doing Jon Stewart numbers, but we're doing good for cable."

"And that's why you're not freaking out."

"I never freaked out. Because I always knew the truth, and the truth has set me free." He sat there being calm and not freaked out and in possession of the truth and of information that had been withheld from Dan. And he looked not at all guilty about that.

"And what is the truth? That they were wrong?"

"No." He smiled a smile that should have made Dan run for cover or at least Natalie, but instead made Dan smile back. There was hope in that smile, and something else. "That they could be right."

"They could be right?"

"They could be." Casey smiled more.

Dan thought about that. That they could be right. That maybe the something else in Casey's smile was something he wanted. Because he knew that "vaguely gay" was wrong, even if no one else did.

"They could be, indeed." And he stood up, and so did Casey. And Casey's arms were warm and they fit around him perfectly, and his lips were softer than he thought, and then he forgot everything else because the world was perfect for just that moment.

They broke apart only for the sound of applause, and the approving grins surrounding their glass walls, with Isaac applauding loudest of all, but before he could decide it was a massive practical joke, Casey grabbed him again, and kissed him in a way that could not be a joke, and held him tightly enough that Dan could feel for himself it was not a joke.

"Not a joke?"

"Not this, Danny. Never this. Not to you." And he smiled again, and the truth set Danny free.

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