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So. Today was rather productive in a housewifely sort of way.

To whit. I went to my martial arts class and then I went shopping. I dropped off my winter boots so that the zipper in one can be repaired, and then went to the local mail hut. See, we have these forms we're supposed to fill out - templates for each Pa Kua class. And Master Brian said he'd take the forms to Staples and have them turned into pads, but he hasn't.

So, today I decided to take it on myself. I asked for some forms, which are just photocopied halfsheets. I took them to the Mail Hut and asked if they did pads, which they do. Tomorrow, I will have four fifty sheet pads. And, it turns out, Staples doesn't do pads. They'll photocopy and cut, but that's about it.

Of course, *I* created a computer template for my report, after I scribbled it on paper. This is because I have awful handwriting and also because eventually, I would like to email them.

Then I had lunch and went shopping for Shabbat and for Sunday, when I'm having my mother over for brunch. I'm making two quiches - onion and cheddar and broccoli and swiss.

When I came home, my wonderful husband had taken apart all the pile of boxes behind my dining room chair, and either discarded or put them elsewhere. And he stripped the beds. After he left and I put the groceries away (they were delivered just as he was leaving), I did some minimal housecleaning - mopping floors, cleaning bathroom, vacuuming, minor decluttering.

It took forty minutes. And I can have my mom over without apologizing. This is a good thing.

So good I rewarded myself with Smallville and Angel. :)

Dinner is leftover beef stew, so.

I'm done.

Now to do some WRITING!

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