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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 1/23/04

Nice to back on twice a week schedule.

Got there on time today. Instructor Riki came late. (As usual) but Ins. Dominique was waiting for us.

Ran around dojo a bit longer than usual because there was utility problem - Con Ed was going to shut off the electricity if Master Brian didn't pay the huge bill. While Dominique made phone calls to straighten things out, I walked. Eventually, Riki showed up and I led the 24 movements. I have to say, I like leading them. I may not do them all perfectly, but I know them all and I know the correct order, and I usually remember to do four reps. Which means I get five because everything needs to given as an example first.

Then we did the one on one fighting, first right foot back, then left foot back.

Afterwards, Ins. Dominique showed us scissor kicks and scissor kick techniques. These are advanced for even grey belts, but they're also fun.

Rear scissor kick - get in fighting position. Bring up rear foot. Kick. Jump and kick with front foot. Land in same position. Front scissor kick - get in fighting position. Bring up front foot. Kick, jump and kick with rear foot. Land in same position. Doubles - after the first kick, land in opposite foot position and kick again. You move forward when doing this with front scissor kicks.

Then we did two self-defense techniques using scissor kicks. The first was a cross hand technique, meaning that the opponent grabs the opposite wrist. Then reflex kick, grab opponent's wrist, pull arm up, turning opponent, break opponent's elbow pushing her away and letting go, finishing with scissor kick. The second was one step - opponent punches straight out. Inside out to the head kick at fist, finish with scissor kick. We finished with a review of yesterday's final technique - opponent kicks inside out to the head. Block with arm, so opponent loses balance. Finish with scissor kick.

I had fun today. I'm still not kicking high enough,but I got a good workout.

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