Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last night, my husband and I went to see someone whom he's tangled with online. She's the daughter of a well known rabbi; she and her husband do outreach work; she writes and well. She's a teacher.

And she's a proselytizing conservative. That's small "c", meaning the politics, not capital C, meaning the liberal to moderal movement in Judaism.

We had a fairly pleasant chat last night, and I tried to keep far away from politics as she knows we're pretty much liberal Democrats with an odd conservative spot or two, and maybe a touch of libertarianism here and there.

And I happened to mention at the end that right now, I don't really know who I support in the current field of Democrats, which is true. I don't. So she told me not to vote, or to vote for someone with no chance.

She supports the Shrub. Did I say anything? No. Did I tell her not to vote? No, and she lives in Florida, which can go in either direction.

She's also one of those women who are antifeminist, except that they do things they wouldn't be doing if it weren't *for* feminism.

And I told her that, and she just ranted about day care and the army. *Sigh*.
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