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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've been thinking about getting a PDA for awhile now - seeing gnomi and mabfan use theirs at Arisia crystalized that. My husband and I have been doing research and pretty much decided which model we wanted.

But it's not cheap and we were hesitating about taking the plunge.

And then, yesterday, I got my first ever jury duty summons. (Okay, not my first ever, but the one sent to my maiden name to my parents' house in Pennsylvania after I'd lived in Brooklyn for several years doesn't count.) And suddenly, I had a real *need* for a PDA. Fic, organizer, thing for writing, electronic siddur - things I need in one place.

So I'm getting Palmtop Tungsten E.

Maybe by the end of the week.


Whooo! Fun toy! Practical justification for buying said toy! I hope you get much joy from it.

Oooh. My officemate has a Tungsten E, and I'm slobberingly jealous of it. (Granted, my Visor Neo serves me quite well, but whenever it keels over, I know what I want to replace it with....)

The Palm stuff is absolutely smashing! Hubby has had one for about six years now and he can't live without it. He just recently got a little Zire--the only problem is that he didn't realize his model didn't come with a lit screen. Not liking that and will probably upgrade again.

Just FYI, you may not be allowed to bring it in with you to the Jury Room or courthouse. Mobile phones, frex, need to be checked with the guards when you come in.

Then I will manage with paper. :) I'm just hoping. And it's a good excuse, no?

Ooh -- you know, I would love an electronic siddur for my Palm Tungsten c. Also, I know my rabbi has a Palm program which tells him the parashat hashavua, and I'd love that too. If you find these things online, will you tell me where they are? I realize they're probably not shareware, but would be willing to pay for them...


Thanks for the rec! Alas, neither of the available Hebrew programs seem to be available for the Tungsten c, which runs Palm OS 5.2.1 -- so I guess I'll continue to make do with paper books... :-)

Is Tamar there, or someplace else?

It was there a while ago. If it isn't any more, I'll come by your office and beam it to you. And some other stuff.

Haven't checked yet, actually.

Was at work and all. :)

Yay for PDAs!
I had a Palm Pilot during law school, but found that I _never_ used it once I left, so I eventually gave it to someone (I'd gotten my money's, er, my mother's money's, worth out of it, so I wasn't worried aobut it).

Now I'm bitter because I'm finally at a point where I think I'd like one again, but I just can't justify the expense in case I don't use it!

Palms rock! :D

I wish I had gone with a Palm instead of my current PDA (HP h2215 iPAQ). It's great, but since switching to a Mac, I now have to buy another software package to get it to work with it. :(