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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy Birthday, stakebait!

If you'd like a story, name a pairing.


wow. you know a lot of people with birthdays this week!

I do indeed.

And if I'd thought you'd wanted a story, you'd get one, too. :)

yeah, er, I've never even read fanfic or slashfic, so it's doubtful that I would want one! ;) But I appreciate the offer!

I just was amused because it seems like every day you post another happy birthday message. You're a busy lady with all this writing you'll have to do! :)

Awh! Giles/Angel? Can I be that sadistic in a birthday wish? :) If not, Spike/Angel would be lovely.

Thanks a million!


Or Giles/Angelus?


Heh. Got this belatedly, but either would've been fine. I have a particular kink for Giles/Angel post-Angelus, dealing with the fallout, but that's a lot to ask of a birthday ficlet.


I was thinking about doing that, actually.

It would have been fun. But the one I wrote happened, so. :)

*nods* I'm not complaining.

But you know I have another birthday next year... :)

The Dominatrix McGonagall

I would like to see McGonny let her hair down and smack Snape on the tush!

Re: The Dominatrix McGonagall

Are you serious?

Cause. I could.

Re: The Dominatrix McGonagall

I think that this would be a whole lot of fun. I think that Prof. McGonagall would play a wicked Dominatrix. And Snape looks like the kind of guy that would like it. You were asking for something to write, I would read this.

I'm not quite into Harry being the slut that many of the slash have him. I could see him with Neville as a steady, but not a true butterfly that I have seen him written as.

Re: The Dominatrix McGonagall

Adds to list.