Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Happy Birthday, stakebait

The Deal

Giles/Angel NC-17

"She's going to be sixteen soon." Angel hoisted himself on one arm, letting his other play over his bedmate's body.

"I know. The thought terrifies me." Giles lay on his back, his hands clasped under his head.

"Of her having a birthday?"

"Of her being able to drive. Buffy behind the wheel of a car frightens me more than Spike and the Master combined. Oh, that does feel nice." Angel had moved from stroking Giles' side to playing with his nipples, making them form little peaks. He bent to lick them now, knowing that the coolness of his tongue would make Giles jump. And he did, but then he wrapped his strong and warm arms around Angel, nibbling at his neck.

"You do have a point, Rupert."

"More than one, if you'll notice." And, yes, there it was, hard and insistent and, above all, warm, against him.

"And I thought you were tired." He, of course, rose to the occasion, as any vampire could, and they moved together, neither having the energy for a true repeat performance.

It took some time for things to come to fruition, but it happened - first Giles and then Angel, with what little fluids either had left spread over them. They broke apart once more.

"I shall miss this, too."

Angel smiled. "You fooled me, you know. When you came to me to so nobly volunteer your own slightly worn body in place of Buffy's, I thought it was a rather touching sacrifice."

"Well, I hardly thought you'd take me up on it, did I?" Giles smiled - and Angel could see Ripper under the Watcher in his eyes. It *has* been a year." He kissed Angel's cheek. "And as she will be sixteen and neither of you have come to your senses, I suppose our time is over."

For a moment - just for a moment - Angel considered making a deal for another year. He had enjoyed the deal they'd made.

But he didn't love Giles - or, at least, not the way he loved Buffy. Giles held none of Buffy's fire and heat, and she held his heart, such as it was. Angel also knew that, in his own way, Giles loved Buffy as much as he did. Or maybe it was in the same way, but Giles would never admit it.

"I'm sorry, Rupert."

"Don't be. I shall never forget it. Or you." He rose from the bed, went to Angel's tiny bathroom to clean himself off, and put on the clothes he'd left folded on a chair. He bent to leave one more warm kiss on Angel's forehead. "I leave her happiness in your hands, Angel. If you hurt her, I will come after you."

And under the soft, educated tones came the menace of the streets - and Angel believed. "I swear on my soul that I will never hurt Buffy."

"See that you don't." And Giles walked into the day, leaving Angel behind.

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