Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

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I got my new toy (the Palm) on Friday. At 5:30 on Friday, which is after sunset.

The UPS man understands this neighborhood. "Mrs. Baker, will you hold on to these?" I say, "Yes." He gives them to me. I take them upstairs. One is my Lush order - moisturizer, shower gels, hair care. The other is from Amazon. Both have to wait until after Shabbat because, well, can't open packages and can't move things you can't use. I kinda put them on the floor and that's that.

And then I mostly forget them because, well. Can't do anything about it. But I spent the last two hours of Shabbat counting minutes.

As soon as I could, I opened the boxes. I plugged in the Toy, and that's that for three hours. I took a shower with my new cosmetics. I smell like lavender now. Lavender with just a hint of patchouli.
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