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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Eye-rolling and need for help

My employer wanted me to installed MacAfee Security 6 on my computer, which is the server for our LAN, including the printer. We use XP-Pro.

So I did. Twice. First time, I did it on "my" part, the part called "front desk." And no one else could print from their desktop machines. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it on the admin part of the desktop. Before the security software booted, other people could print. After it booted, they couldn't.

I just uninstalled it, because it's seriously vital for people to be able to print (and not just our Bridezilla.)

My employer does *not* understand why this is a problem. After all, she installed it on *her* computer (a workstation, not the server) and other people can print just fine.

She asked me if I'd moved it to my desktop. *Rolls eyes.* It installed in the exact same folder both times I installed it - c:/program files/mcaffee or whatever. The one it installed itself. Because you can't install a program just in the network.

Can anyone tell me how to configure it so it doesn't block LAN printer commands?


My Guy saith:

I don't know anything about the product, but it wouldn't surprise me if
it includes a firewall that is blocking access to the printer. If so,
there are bound to be settings for it to permit the printer to be shared
as before. I'd look first in the help file for the program itself, then
on the MacAfee web site for troubleshooting hints.

Can network users access shared files or folders on the server with this
product installed?