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Something...nice but *huh*

My bosses are both religious - one Conservative, one Orthodox. So they often give to religious charities in Israel, and so we get rabbis with long grey beards who speak half in Yiddish come to the office.

Today we got Rav Chaim L. Between my face (see my default icon) and the beret on my head covering my hair, it's obvious where my affiliation lies - that and when he says "Good morning", I respond "Guten Tag."

While we're waiting for a boss to get unbusy, he asks me if I have a daughter. I, of course, tell him that we don't have children, and that we've been married almost thirteen years, so it's not likely.

He pulls out a picture of his son and daughter-in-law - older than I am - with their first baby, born this Rosh HaShanah. After 20 years of marriage. And he gives me a bracha, a blessing, that next year he should come here and find that I had a baby, too. He's so very sweet and kind about this that all I can do is say "amen."
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