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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Something...nice but *huh*

My bosses are both religious - one Conservative, one Orthodox. So they often give to religious charities in Israel, and so we get rabbis with long grey beards who speak half in Yiddish come to the office.

Today we got Rav Chaim L. Between my face (see my default icon) and the beret on my head covering my hair, it's obvious where my affiliation lies - that and when he says "Good morning", I respond "Guten Tag."

While we're waiting for a boss to get unbusy, he asks me if I have a daughter. I, of course, tell him that we don't have children, and that we've been married almost thirteen years, so it's not likely.

He pulls out a picture of his son and daughter-in-law - older than I am - with their first baby, born this Rosh HaShanah. After 20 years of marriage. And he gives me a bracha, a blessing, that next year he should come here and find that I had a baby, too. He's so very sweet and kind about this that all I can do is say "amen."

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You never know. *hugs*

It's always possible, especially with a bracha like that one :) My sister is getting married in 5 weeks - I'm sure she'll have a list. If you like, I can add you. (I hope that you don't mind the offer - some people do, but it's hard to tell until they yell after you offer)

devora faige bat batya rachel.

Please do.

Tehillim at the Kotel

I said a few tehillim for you at the kotel this afternoon which Mincha. I hope it helps.

Re: Tehillim at the Kotel

Thank you! So do I.

One never knows! :)

If you tell me your Hebrew name, I'll add you to my davening. You know this is a subject high on MY list of davening priorities!

see above comment


Done. You're on my list.

Interesting that he asked if you have a daughter, and not just "children."
Maybe that was an angel.

Maybe. Yeah, daughter is very specific.

But angel...I hardly merit *that*.

After delivering my first daughter, and waiting in the halway on my gurney to be taken up to a room, the attending came by (he was Jewish, the hospital was Brookdale, nuff said), looked at my cart and said "See you next year?" My reply was "Bite your tongue", but sho'nuff...the next year I was back.

Believe in the brachas.

Zach says hello and said he'll be going to the Kotel later this week. He'll mention you to God.


We've had brachot before...

But, yes. I believe. And thank Zach for me.

AWESOME! AMEN AMEN AMEN! if you have a daughter....she can date my son :)


:) Thanks!

Amen v'amen!


Thank you. And the same by you.

I don't know if it would be welcome, but if you want me to, I could put in a word with Jim Bob for you. It seems to have worked at least twice before, or several times before, depending how you look at at. He heard a lot about Jen and Jonah, probably to the point that it was do whatever it takes to shut me up. If you want me to, that is.

I'll take it. Gladly!

Thank you!