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Pakua Diary 2/05/04

I really missed this last week.

Got there just in time. Came already dressed, which makes it all a lot faster (just wore a skirt over the pants.) I was the only one there today, aside from Instructor Dominique.

After the warm up, she led the 24 movements, and then we did rolls and falls. I'm still pretty much amazed I can do them. I'm hoping that doesn't wear off.

Besides the standard rolls and falls, she showed me two advanced falls - "no hands forwad roll" - you keep your hands clasped in front of you and roll on your shoulder with no other help and "suicide fall" - after the no-hands forward roll, you land in sidefall position. That last felt entirely natural to me.

Then we did two kick techniques, both rather complex and designed to move you across a room. One is to step forward with the front foot and do a side kick with the rear, landing in the opposite fighting position. The other is even more complex, involving two turns and a back kick with looking. We then did a one-step fighing technique - kick the fist using outside-in to the head, turning into the kick and finishing with a back kick with looking.

Then she showed me advanced Shadow movements.

After class, I spoke to Master Brian for a few minutes. Next women's evaluation should be in March. After that, I'll either have grey belt or stripes. If I get grey belts, I should start taking improvement and instruction classes.

I need to talk to my rabbi. If only he'd stay in the country two weeks in a row!

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