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Pakua Diary 2/06/03

Used my Palm to do my report for the first time. Worked beautifully.

Got there very early because of the weather. Came dressed again - I should do this more often. Also got everyone's names and phone numbers for the Toy. No one else showed up today - Instructor Riki pulled a calf muscle during a "Pakua Rhythm" class on Wednesday.

Warmed up. Ins. Dominique did the 24 movements, and then we did one on one sparring. Then she taught me two different lock techniques. Since arm techniques are my weak points, Yay!

The first one was a lock to a backfall. One stop fighting, so the opponent steps forward with a punch. Step out, grab the wrist, apply pressure to the inside of the elbow and bend the arm. Push back into a backfall, lean on the locked arm and punch or lean on the other arm.

The second was a "snake lock" - step out, grab wrist, apply one finger to inside the elbow pressure point and then lock the arm around your own arm, forcing the hand into an s-shape. Opponent taps out.

What was weird was that in the middle of this, I began thinking of countermoves I could do at my level. Basically - kicks. That is, I wasn't just thinking about the technique I was learning, but what happens *next*.

It's a different mindset for me. I like it.

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